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What’s The Hazard is heard in more than 40 US States and 17 countries worldwide. It reaches, informs and entertains safety professionals each week with engaging stories, news about safety and sound advice. To become a sponsor contact Doug Fletcher today.

CCS Group

CCS provides nationwide concrete structural assessments and precise maintenance and repair services.


Falewitch Construction Services

Established in 1995, Falewitch Construction Services is a specialty services contractor located in Omaha, NE. FCS has completed jobs of all sizes throughout Nebraska and the Midwest.


Work Safe Consulting

Danni Arroyo (Owner)

Visit worksafene.com


MākuSafe® is an award-winning Safety, Data & Analytics solution aimed at improving worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures.


Mid-America Martial Arts

Sponsors of our Leadership Series podcast episodes. Visit midamericamartialarts.com