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Falewitch Construction Services

Established in 1995, Falewitch Construction Services is a specialty services contractor located in Omaha, NE. FCS has completed jobs of all sizes throughout Nebraska and the Midwest.


CCS Group

CCS provides nationwide concrete structural assessments and precise maintenance and repair services.


Building Omaha

Building Omaha provides a joint training program called The Electrical Training ALLIANCE. This training results in the best electrical workers the industry has to offer.



Nebraska Onsite Consultation Program

To obtain more information or schedule a consultation, you may contact Jim Cover, Program Manager at the Lincoln office at 402-471-4717, email ndol.safety@nebraska.gov. To request an on-site consultation, submit a consultation form on-line, or you can print out and mail the form to:

Nebraska Dept. of Labor – On-Site Consultation Program
550 South 16th Street, P.O. Box 94600
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4600

Work Safe Consulting

Danni Arroyo (Owner)

Visit worksafene.com

Mid-America Martial Arts

Sponsors of our Leadership Series podcast episodes. Visit midamericamartialarts.com