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Workplace Ergonomics Consultants

Ergonomic design is an applied science that attempts to create a work environment that arranges people, machinery, and tools in a way that is both safe for employees and achieves the highest level of efficiency. Companies used to believe that you could (and oftentimes should) forgo safety in order to achieve ideal efficiency. Fortunately the professionals at Fletcher Safety Consulting are well-versed in workplace ergonomics, the art of combining safety and efficiency?so that both employer and employee are content with the layout.

Oftentimes, a safer arrangement for the employee leads to a more efficient process and ultimately increases productivity. When applied properly, ergonomic safety will maximize productivity by reducing fatigue and discomfort of employees whether it be visual, auditory, musculoskeletal, etc.

Safety and Efficiency for Workspaces in Every Industry

A safe and efficient ergonomic design can be implemented in any workplace. Any workspace, from manufacturing facilities to white collar offices, can benefit from efficient workplace ergonomics. Our ergonomic consultants will assist businesses both large and small to increase productivity and reduce injury with a unique ergonomic design. Workplace ergonomics can help to eliminate hours of downtime, issues with quality, disorganized arrangements of equipment or storage, and many other common troubles.

Whether the ergonomic consultants of Fletcher Safety advise you during the construction of your facility or years after the building has been in place, there is always a time to apply ergonomics to the workplace. After our professionals perform an ergonomic assessment and execute the improvements to the ergonomic design, we also provide and employee training that may be necessary in order to utilize the new improvements. Our goal is to leave our clients with the best ergonomic design personalized to suit their unique facility so that both employer and employee will be content with the level of safety and efficiency.