Safety & Industrial Hygiene Consultation, OSHA Compliance & Training

Outsourced Safety Management

Whether your company consists of just a few employees or hundreds, you may want to consider outsourcing your safety management to Fletcher Safety Consulting. A professional safety management group can be useful when your company may still be too small to justify hiring on a full-time safety professional. Outsourced safety management services also benefit those who are interested in specialists that are well-versed in all aspects of safety management to ensure a strong safety program for your company.

Our Safety Management Services

Fletcher Safety Consulting offers various agreements to accommodate your business? unique size and safety consulting needs. Our safety management services often include creating or updating written safety programs, accident investigations, safety training, site inspections, and more. As your company?s safety needs grow and change, we can easily adjust the services we provide. Our goal is to provide safety management services that are tailored to your individual business. As a result, you will know that you are meeting all legal obligations and that your employees are operating in a safe environment.

Using Fletcher Safety Consulting as your outsourced safety management group will ensure your business is functioning with the most current techniques and procedures which in turn can improve performance and efficiency. Our safety management specialists have spent many years gaining experience in the health and safety field. This experience allows them to be adeptly equipped with knowledge of many fields, not just a focus in one area. We can apply our lifetime of insight to every aspect of your business from training to safety procedures to industrial hygiene. We make sure to stay well-informed of all health and safety topics and expertly management all safety operations to your company so that you can focus on the many other aspects of running the business.