Safety & Industrial Hygiene Consultation, OSHA Compliance & Training

Iowa OSHA Training and Safety Consulting Services

Fletcher Safety Consulting Inc. was started by Doug Fletcher to teach Iowa business owners how to maintain a safe and efficient workplace that is in line with all OSHA compliance. Our nearly 30 years of experience, a majority of which was spent at OSHA, makes our team of professionals exceptionally qualified to fulfill every one of your health and safety consulting needs. We also provide training that meets all of OSHA?s requirements and more in order to ensure your employees are properly prepared for the workplace.

OSHA Training

Our team of professionals will help your Iowa business to fulfill the necessary OSHA required training and provide any further health and safety training to best prepare your employees. Fletcher Safety Consulting?s training professionals are certified and amply experienced to provide any and all levels of training for you or your business. We offer OSHA compliance training, as well as the OSHA 10 hour and OSHA 30 hour training courses.

OSHA Compliance Audits and Consulting

At Fletcher Safety Consulting, we like to prevent safety issues, insurance fees, and OSHA fines before they ever occur. OSHA compliance audits allow companies to identify potential problems before they have an impact on health and safety which ultimately saves your Iowa business money and prevents any workplace incidents. They also ensure you?re following all OSHA safety requirements so that you?ll be prepared for your next inspection.

Unfortunately, sometimes you will receive violations after an inspection and sometimes accidents can occur. When this happens, Fletcher Safety Consulting is available for post-incident and post-OSHA inspection consulting services to help people through the ?what now?? moments and to guide you through OSHA?s official processes in order to get your Iowa business back on track.

Industrial Hygiene / Occupational Health Services

Occupational health and safety (or industrial hygiene) is the science of determining possible health and safety risks in the workplace and altering the environment to eliminate any hazards. Our professionals perform an industrial hygiene analysis then provide a suggested occupational health program in order to improve conditions to both meet OSHA requirements and to enhance employee satisfaction. Workplace ergonomics is an important aspect of industrial hygiene because it involves creating a work environment that arranges people, machinery, and tools in a way that is both safe for employees and able to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Our workplace ergonomics consultants are trained in the art of balancing safety and productivity.

Safety Management and OSHA Recordkeeping Services

Whether your Iowa business consists of a few employees or hundreds, you may want to consider outsourcing your safety management to Fletcher Safety Consulting. A professional safety management group is useful when your company is still too small to hire on a full-time safety professional. For bigger businesses, outsourced safety management services provide specialists that are well-versed in all aspects of safety management and can assist during periods of work overload for the full-time employees. We are also available for OSHA recordkeeping services whether it be training your employees to keep compliant records, answer recordkeeping questions, or continuously consult when any occupational injury or illness occurs. There are many rules dictating proper OSHA recordkeeping procedures when occupational injury and illness occur, and Fletcher Safety Consulting is available to ensure you are keeping your records accurately.