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Episode #60 – Commit to Excellence!

Brady Weaver and Alex Gray share the story of reinvention at Michael Foods, Wakefield, Nebraska.    Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com http://whatsthehazard.hurrdat.libsynpro.com/commit-to-excellence

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Episode #57 – Leading or Lagging?

Are your metrics incentivizing the right thing?  Kody Hoover of Jack Links explains Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com http://whatsthehazard.hurrdat.libsynpro.com/-leading-or-lagging

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Episode #55 – The OSHA Insiders!

Ian Poole joins Doug to discuss the upcoming recording/reporting deadlines and the essence of OSHA’s Rapid Response Investigations program. Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com http://whatsthehazard.hurrdat.libsynpro.com/the-osha-insiders >

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Episode #54: Leadership Series with Aaron Cerrone

WTH? Leadership Series with Aaron Cerrone. The first installment of our leadership series with Aaron Cerrone for 2021! Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com http://whatsthehazard.hurrdat.libsynpro.com/leadership-series-with-aaron-cerrone-1

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