Episode #70 – Aaron Cerrone sits in for Fletch! Deputized and Devoted to the Cause.

Leadership Series with Aaron Aaron can be found most days teaching at Mid America Martial Arts or at the University of Nebraska – Omaha………..but always teaching!  To discuss onsite Leadership Training contact Aaron at:  Aaron Cerrone cerrone219@live.com Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com http://whatsthehazard.hurrdat.libsynpro.com/aaron-cerrone-sits-in-for-fletch-deputized-and-devoted-to-the-cause

Episode #61: Leadership Series with Aaron Cerrone

Doug welcomes Aaron Cerrone for the ongoing leadership series. This month’s topic?  What does “Lean” have to do with it? We are excited to welcome Falewitch Construction Services to the “What’s the Hazard?” family of sponsors! Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com http://whatsthehazard.hurrdat.libsynpro.com/whats-the-hazard-leadership-series-with-aaron-cerrone

Episode #54: Leadership Series with Aaron Cerrone

WTH? Leadership Series with Aaron Cerrone. The first installment of our leadership series with Aaron Cerrone for 2021! Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com http://whatsthehazard.hurrdat.libsynpro.com/leadership-series-with-aaron-cerrone-1

Episode #42: Leadership Series with Aaron Cerrone

WTH? Leadership Series with Aaron Cerrone. More questions from listeners, including “what makes micromanagers be like that?” Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/16162886

Episode #38: Gratitude

If all you ever said was “thank you” that might be enough! Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/15641537

Episode #37: Leadership Series – Aaron Cerrone

Leadership Series – Aaron Cerrone talks about resilience in a time of turbulence! Email Doug at doug@fletchersafety.com https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/15477704 Sponsored by: